1401 N Ethyl Ave, Springfield, MO 65802 listing details

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$ 17,100
  • Property Type: Realty
  • Status: For Sale
  • Status Type:
  • Buildings: 1
  • Added: 07/18/2015
  • Last Update: 08/10/2015
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Home: Single-Family
  • Conditioning: Air
  • Heating: other
  • Lot Size: 7
    000 sqft
  • Bathroom: 1
  • County: Greene
  • size: 6
    969 sqft
The property at 1401 N Ethyl Ave, Springfield, Missouri is a Residential Single Family property with 2 bedroom(s) and 1.0 bathroom(s), built in 1930 and is 1160 square feet.Live bidding is ACTIVE for this property, sold in "as is" condition without contingencies or warranties. Make your bid now!

Listing in Springfield on 1401 N Ethyl Ave details

Real estate listing was proposed For Sale on www.corbizrealestate.com at Jul 18/2015 09:06:13. Current Unspecified Real Estate listing was updated on the web site on Mon Aug 10/2015 09:53:55. The status of the listing is For Sale that allows of any prospective consumers can send inquiry about this listing. The cost of the listing is $17100.00. Current realty contains 14 pics assigned to it and for new photos you can email or call listing owner.

Listing Placement

The property location are: 1401 N Ethyl Ave, Springfield, MO 65802. You can check StreetView above to get Complete information about Unspecified Real Estate Geographic Location.

Quantity of rooms and Living area details

This realty unit gets with 2 bedrooms and one toilets.

Realtor contact details

You will surely discover the all your queries are answered by broker plus they will assist you in inspecting the home as well as closing the deal if you want to proceed.

Residential property for sale.

Details Info about this row that located on 1401 N Ethyl Ave, Springfield, MO 65802 was got from trusty sources, but Corbiz Real Estate can't guarantee that details about listing price, status, facts, images and owner are correct, because this listing can be changed or removed from market without notice. If You need to receive additional details about this property try to ask directly listing agent or owned.

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